The Future

I’ll tell you how long ago I started writing this update. 10k servers and we’re now over 30k servers and we’ve just created our 20 millionth room.

I say this every time we hit a milestone but a huge thank you to everyone of you. What started as a weekend project really has grown into something which I and the team are immensely proud of.

As it stands there is no sign of it slowing down either which brings us neatly onto…

The Future
This has been a long time coming but today we announce PartyBeast V3!
Before we jump into what V3 is and what it means for everyone moving forward I’d like to thank _Rade and Natzfa – without these guys this whole thing wouldn’t even be possible.


We decided early on that V3 needed to be it’s completely own thing – a new party.
We approached 
Natzfa with the idea that we wanted to “simplify” the logo but retain it’s cartoon element. 


Honest Natzfa knocked it out the park and we’re so happy with what she’s produced – These new logos and characters look amazing and also look so good on the new website! Natzfa and _Rade have worked tirelessly on the new site and not just the landing page but to bring you guys:

Web Configuration
This is the single largest change to PartyBeast since it’s creation and holy sh*t it is AWESOME. 
V3 does away with the old command based system for getting setup and instead ushers in a new age with a slick web configuration panel where you can can see a full replica of your servers rooms to set and change configuration as you wish.
Less talk, more pictures:


As you can see, this is a HUGE change for PartyBeast moving forward and is going to open up a whole host of options for everyone. There’s somethings we’re not ready to show you yet hence the blurred sections – sorry folks.

_Rade and Natzfa have worked so hard on this and put up with so much of my complaining and requested changes.

We’ve tried to keep as much of Discords familiarity as possible giving users a server and channel list with right click context menus to all of PartyBeasts features.

Hopefully this will go some way to explaining why we’ve specifically not been adding new features to PartyBeast as every new feature would need added here pushing the launch back yet again.
Those features we have added are all backend or will remain command based for users/channel owners when the switch to V3 happens.

We still have a small way to go before this is ready for primetime but the actual working bones of the project are now there.

Which brings me onto the last piece:

Beta Testing

We announced this a while ago and those users who signed up will still be contacted.
For anyone else who would like to participate I will be opening a ticket system for you to apply to try the above system out.
This is a bleeding edge build so if you can’t handle issues, some features being a bit wonky, regular support as well as reporting back issues and providing steps for reproducing bugs then this beta is NOT for you.

There will be an expectation of meeting with us in VC at least once to get your feedback on the actual flow of how things work and anything you think could be improved.

What this beta is NOT is an opportunity to ask for features – we are sticking with the feature set we have for launch to reduce issues.


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