PartyBeast Update – April 2020

PartyBeast Update – Apr 2020

So due to demand we’ve pushed this update “incomplete”.

Most of the main functionality is here but there are a couple of exceptions including %INC% organising rooms correctly, notification of owner change & new permissions checker to name a few items.

New Features:
  1.  Pick and Mix &VARIABLES% – You can now use %USERNAME%, %NICKNAME% & %GAME% together. So you could now have %NICKNAME%’s %GAME% Room and it would show something like “Krankie’s Rust Room”.
  2. %GAME% – This has been a high requested feature for a while now. You can now use %GAME% to display the presene data for a user. If the user isn’t playing a game or has presence turned off it will revert to “a Game”.
  3. %LIST% – You can now have a list of random roomnames and PartyBeast willrandomly pick from the list. This is a little different to other variables. An example would be !pbRoomName1 %LIST%Room1;Room2;Room3
  4. !pbInvite – After you’ve locked a room you no longer have to unlok it to allow people in.
    Use !pbInvite @USERNAMEto allow someone to enter your locked room.
  5. !pbKick – Sick of that person you just invited? (That dude is mega annoying, I know!)
    Use !pbKick @USERNAMEsay adios amigo to them.

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