Dev Update Feb 2020

Dev Update 2020

It’s been a little while since the last update so I thought it was worth just catching everyone up with whats in the pipeline and whats going on behind the scenes here

Additional Developer:

With PartyBeast being a passion project it’s been difficult for me to find someone I trust to work with. 
Not just that I’m worried they’ll steal my code and run but also from the perspective of being someone I want to work with and who gets the idea and ethos behind PartyBeast.

With that said ‘Rade’ is a long time friend and someone I actually grew up with so is an ideal fit for joining the PartyBeast Dev team.

He comes with years of experience (we’re both old) having worked both for large development firms and solo as a contractor on large projects. If you live in the UK you’ve undoubtedly used one of his websites to switch energy providers.

Initially Rade will be concentrating on taking the current codebase of PartyBeast and making it actually adhere to some form of standards and at the same time fixing some “features not bugs”.
This will alleviate me from firefighting and allow me to concentrate on new features which we’ve fallen behind on.

I’d like to point out that Rade WILL NOT be providing any type of end user support, he’s purely here our the goodness of his heart to help with the coding tasks.

I hope you’ll all make him feel welcome.

Feature Requests:
Well it’s that time again, we’re got a backlog and we need to look at whats important and isn’t to the community so make your voices heard:
 1)%GAME% as an option for room name – I personally think this is a good idea. What I need from you guys is to know if you expect this to be able to be used in conjunction with %USERNAME% and variables. Also if you’re not in a game what would the expected result be?
2)Invite and kick – Are people happy with the lock command? Do you want to be able to add and remove people from your room with an invite?
My main priority here is to avoid abuse where it just drags people into a room but instead asks them if they want to join etc.
3)Text Channels – this one comes up quite a lot. The idea of having private text channels is highly appealing and making them visible only to the people in your room is even more appealing. The reality is implementing this is F*&@ing difficult and if it’s only used by a small %age of the community then that dev time might be better off spent else where.
4)Banned Words for !pbrename – Currently theres no bad words list for !pbrename. Are people seeing issues with people renaming their rooms something rude? Do you want this?
5)Room Names from predefined List – Exactly as it says. Do people want rooms randomly names from a list. if so would you want to include Variables?
Let us know what you think by telling us in Discord. I’ll be setting up a vote in the coming days.
Moving forward we will be moving to a ticket system.
This will allow us to better serve people as required rather than things getting buried in chat and me missing them.


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