New Website

So it’s been a long time coming. I’ve been promising updates and features for a while now and my “Soon TM” is starting to sound like Blizzard Entertainment releasing a new game.

But they’re finally here – see the other blog post titled “PartyBeast Update – Dec 2019” for more on that.

Along with the update though comes a new site, the old site had limitations and honestly was thrown together in about 2 hours with a template online.

This new site is going to become a much better place for you guys to be able to find the following:

  1. Help – up until now the documentation page on the old site was a nightmare to edit and as such it was never kept up to date properly. 
    Our plan going forward will be to bulk out the documentation much more with pictures, examples and maybe even how to’s
  2. News – seems obvious since you’re reading it here but DMing people a huge list of features was crap. 
    With this new blog style we can just write the post, DM and post the link in our Discord and you can read it at your own leisure.
  3. Roadmap – At this point I’ve got pieces of paper and a white board with “todo” written on them as well as Trello boards, //TODO: & //NOTE: markers inside the code.
    The new site will give me the ability to offer you guys a roadmap for new features as well as an insight into why they were accepted or rejected. I’d like to continue with the Dev-Blog I started in our Discord and migrate it here instead.
Lastly with the closing of 2019 I just wanted to yet again take the time to say thank you to everyone.
I genuinely & honestly never thought that PartyBeast would achieve over 2000+ server installs and over 1,000,000 created temporary rooms created.
Creating something as a one man team and releasing it onto the internet for everyone to judge is actually pretty scary so the fact that people like it so much and want to see me improve it is amazing.


So here’s to you all of you – Happy 2020 and Thank You again for all your Support 


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