Make Discord PARTY like a beast

We've created a bot which lets your Discord user party as hard as they want and even cleans up after them!

PartyBeast helps the following communities Party


We ❤️ Discord

But lets be honest...

We've all missed the temporary rooms feature from the old TeamSpeak days. PartyBeast brings those days back by helping you to create a tidier slicker Discord community with auto creating rooms that disappear when users leave them.

vault hunters

"Anyone who has run Discord servers in the past knows that voice chat means a messy server.
Then we started using PartyBeast, it's auto creation of channels is flawless and once it's empty it just deletes the channel to keep your server clean of clutter!
This is 100% a must for any server that uses voice channels."

- Owner of Vault Hunters HUB


We got em...

  • Custom Room Names
  • Multiple Auto Creates in 1 Category
  • Room Size Limits
  • User Lockable Rooms
  • User Renamable Rooms
  • Room Size Limits

..and more to come

ph logo

"I run Pornhub's official Discord server, as you can imagine our voice channels are hectic and full of a diversity of people.
Its difficult to not only make enough voice channels that will handle the amount of users without becoming a mic spam haven of people shouting over one another but maintaining the server from being messy.
PartyBeast allows our members to make their own channels that meet their requirements and improves their time in Pornhub, but also keeps the place looking neat.
You can customise the channels to fit in your server. The development team are always willing to be helpful and supportive unlike a lot we've sadly came across."

- Owner of Pornhubs Official Discord Server

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